Hydro Will Soothe It!

Do you have a little redness, itchiness & inflammation after waxing your bikini or brows etc.? Well, if you do take a little hydrocortisone cream and apply in proportion with the area. The cream will help to reduce the redness, itchiness and inflammation caused by the waxing. Also, try not to wax within 3 days of  the start of your period. Skin is a little extra sensitive during those days!

You Are NOT a Zebra!

Sweep a cotton ball of 100% lemon juice on stripy areas. Citric acid from the lemon is a natural skin lightener and exfoliator. It smooths away unevenly applied tanner by sloughing off overly tanned skin cells. You can also massage plain baking soda onto damp skin in small, gentle circular motions. Like lemon juice,  baking soda will slough off freshly dyed cells & reveal untanned skin underneath.

Fan Request: Lasting Polish!

Making your nail polish last longer is tricky especially when you have natural nails but are a few tips to extend the life just a tad.
Always make sure your nails are clean & dry before apply polish.
Always use a base coat, this helps the polish to adhere.
Allow polish to COMPLETELY dry and then apply a top coat. 

After a few days try reapplying a top coat. A thin layer is all thats needed.
Also try to keep from hitting your nails up against things and when you type, try to type with the tips of your fingers and not your nails. Typing with the tip of… your nail can crack polish causing it to chip!

Another option is to try the gel manicure…you can get up to about 2 weeks with no chipping! (This is my favorite…I don’t do regular polish anymore)!

Here Comes the Bride…

  Wedding Season is quickly approaching so here are a couple of tips for the blushing bride to be!
1. Go waterproof. Remember to use a coat of non-waterproof before the waterproof mascara for easier removal
2. Advance Wax. Schedule all waxing appts 5 to 7 days before the wedding
3. Pick Not! Leave those zits alone. Picking & popping leaves dark spots. If your in a time crunch contact you dermatologist!

Wax On…Wax Off!

Here are a few tips to make your next bikini wax appt a little more bareable!
1. Pop a couple of Aspirin 45 mins before your appt. This helps to reduce the feeling of pain.
2. Try not to schedule around your period. This is when you are most sensitive so try scheduling 3 or more days before.
3. Avoid working out or wearing tight clothing after waxing. This can cause ingrown hairs!

I always tell my waxer Gracie that it hurts more on my right side and she tells me this: That the left side of your body is your “female” side, and on that side you are able to tolerate a little more pain BUT the right side of your body is your “male side” making the waxing a little more painful…you get the drift! I thought that was pretty funny! :)

Click this link and it explains the whole male & female side a little more in detail → http://karlrwolfe.com/male-female-polarities-of-the-human-body.html

Clean Your Makeup

Clean Your Makeup…Yes you can do that!
So its very simple to clean your eyeshadows, blushes, eyelash curlers etc. All you need is a spray bottle and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Fill your spray bottle with the alcohol and LIGHTLY spray over your products! You want to make sure that you are not to close to the product…you don’t want to ruin them. Your products will be clean instantly!