Wax On…Wax Off!

Here are a few tips to make your next bikini wax appt a little more bareable!
1. Pop a couple of Aspirin 45 mins before your appt. This helps to reduce the feeling of pain.
2. Try not to schedule around your period. This is when you are most sensitive so try scheduling 3 or more days before.
3. Avoid working out or wearing tight clothing after waxing. This can cause ingrown hairs!

I always tell my waxer Gracie that it hurts more on my right side and she tells me this: That the left side of your body is your “female” side, and on that side you are able to tolerate a little more pain BUT the right side of your body is your “male side” making the waxing a little more painful…you get the drift! I thought that was pretty funny! 🙂

Click this link and it explains the whole male & female side a little more in detail → http://karlrwolfe.com/male-female-polarities-of-the-human-body.html

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