Gracie’s My Waxer…

and she should be yours too!

If your a fan of BBB and have been following then you know that I am a faithful, every 5 week waxer & there is only one person in the state of TN that is allowed to wax my who-ha (ok maybe that was a little much… but anyway) & her name is Gracie! She is amazing at what she does and waxes at the speed of light! To be honest, she is one of the best in the business here in TN & I am not just saying that, she has the awards to prove it!

If you are a newbie at waxing then try Gracie’s. If you are a vet at waxing you should still try Gracie’s. If you are simly just looking for a new place, you should try Gracie’s.My point is is that you should just try Gracie’s!

She is always busy so walk-ins are not available, you have to call and schedule your appt. I know ALOT of her clients book for the ENTIRE year but I usually just schedule my next wax at the end of my appt…it’s totally up to you!

Check out Gracie’s Skin & Body…you won’t be dissappointed!

Gracie’s Skin & Body
439 East Iris Drive
Nashville, TN 37204-3132
(615) 460-0040

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