Not All Mascara is created =

Going to the store or to your favorite makeup counter and buying just any ole’ mascara isn’t necessarily the BEST IDEA! You want to make sure that you choose the BEST mascara for you…& here is how you do it!

First, do a quick evaluation of your lashes. Look to see if your lashes are short, barely there or naturally lengthy. Once you figure this out then it’s time to go mascara shopping.

If your lashes tend to be on the shorter side, then  look for a mascara that it going to add length (some of my favorites are  $=Falsies by Maybelline $6.99; $$=False Lashes by MAC $19.00; $$$=GivenchyPhenomen’ EyesEffect Extension $30.00 )

If your lashes are naturally longer then look for a mascara that is going to add volume. This will give you lashes a bold & vibrant look (some of my favorites are: $=Colossal Volum’ Express by Maybeline $5.99; $$$=Lancome Custom Volume Mascara $24.99)

If you wear mascara on a daily basis I would stay away from waterproof as much as possible. Waterproof is great for weddings, outdoor summer parties, humid enviornments etc. but it can be a real hassle to remove and if not removed correctly you can sometimes pull out you lashes. Try to only wear waterproof when needed otherwise stick to your regular non-waterproof mascara!

Happy Hunting!

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