Winged Liner

I don’t know how many of you actually wear winged liner but I thought I would do a post because if done correctly, it can look amazing! If you haven’t tried it at least once, then now is the time!

You will need and eyeliner brush (I think that an angled eyeliner brush is best) and a gel or cream eyeliner (I feel gel and cream are a little easier to work with).


Apply your eyeliner on your upper lid. I would suggest that the liner start thinner on and gradually get thicker as you reach the outside corner of the eye.


With the tip of your eyeliner brush, figure out how long you want your wing to be and follow the natural slant of your lower lash line (I think a smaller wing is a little more flattering but it is totally up to you). Your lower lash line and wing should connect in a straight line  *If you are having a hard time drawing a straight line take a piece of tape and on the corner of your eye*



Now from the top corner of your wing, draw a straight line connecting to the line you drew on your lid in STEP 1


At this point you should see the actual wing, you now want to fill everything in with your eyeliner so that your look is complete.

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