Brushes to Have & to Hold

New to the makeup world? Well, if so this post is for you!

Makeup is a type of art form and your face is the canvas, and just like any other artist (painter I mean) you need brushes! Brushes help you to create your masterpiece. They allow you to have full control over the makeup and help to give that flawless & even look that we all want to achieve.

Now, there are MANY MANY types of brushes out there but I am going to give you my top 5 basic brushes that you will help you start your brush collection.

So let’s get started… (you don’t have to buy the exact brushes in the pictures )

1. Powder Brush

This is the MAC Large Powder Brush #150 3


2. Blush Brush

IB126 - Chisel Blush from the Italian Badger Collection


3. Eyeshadow Brush (small to medium in head size)

Sonia Kashuk Medium Eyeshadow Brush


4. Angled Eyebrow Brush to fill in those brows!

Classic Brow Brush #10

This is the Sephora Collection Angled Brow Brush


5. The Spoolie to tame those brows (this is a must have for me)!


This is the Sonia Kashuk Eyebrow Spoolie! You can find it at Target or online


Well guys I hope this has helped you. Now next time you won’t feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out what brushes to buy! 😉




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