Deja’s Hair Milk

Hey BBB Beauties!

I know that many of you are on a natural hair journey just like myself! Being natural is GREAT but at times it can be very trying! We suffer sometimes with dryness, products leaving our weighed down, split ends and a host of other issues BUT I am here to say that I think I have found one of the BEST natural hair care products out there. If you are battling dry natural hair and are tired of products that moisturize but leave your hair feeling heavy & weighed down, then I think that this may be the product for you!

It is Be Mine Deja’s Hair Milk and let me tell you I think it works wonders. The name says it all…it really is like milk. The product is very thin and milky but it packs a lot of punch without leaving your hair feeling like a grease bucket! It has all natural oils and will keep your hair moisturized until your next shampoo! The product does EXACTLY what it says it will do! It’s so light that I even put it in my hair when wet and still am able to straighten it with a flat-iron and it will have just as much body and movement as if nothing was in it.

So, your next step is to purchase it & try it for yourself! Check out my friend Tawanna over at All Things Curly ! She is a distributor of all natural hair care products and she would love to help you find the product that will work best for your natural hair! She has several different brands so she definitely has something for everyone! 

Oh yea…Don’t forget to tell her that BBB sent you!

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