Natural Glowing Skin

This is what I am currently using when I want a natural glow. In this order…

1. MAC’s Strobe Lotion
2. MAC’s Lustre Drops
3. Benefits Hello Flawless Foundation in Hazelnut

After moisturizing I apply Strobe Lotion to most of my face focusing the majority of the product on my cheek bones.

Next I will go in with Lustre Drops and with my fingers add to the top of my cheek bones only.

Since I’m not a huge fan of liquid or cream foundations I tend to use them only in my problem areas (chin, around my mouth & on my cheeks) and blend down into my neck & behind my ears.

Once I have completed that, I go in with my concealer for under my eyes & lightly finish off with MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish in Medium Deep. I use a small amount of powder so I can avoid a powdery finish. Remember, we want dewy natural looking skin.

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