Makeup & The Gym

photo (24)   Do or Don’t? Unless you are filming a workout video or reality TV show, I think that you should just skip the whole “Makeup in the Gym” look & be all NAT-U-RAL! In my opinion, I think it is totally unnecessary & a nuance to wear a full face of makeup in the gym. Let’s face it… if you are really “GETTIN’ DOWN” in the gym, your makeup would be a hot mess once your workout is over. I say skip the powder & foundation & tough it out for an hour or with your bare beautiful face. Trust me, if other people are in the gym working out as hard as you are (or should be) they are not paying attention to your blush color. The only thing that you should keep in your gym bag are some facial cleansing cloths. These are great for removing the sweat, dirt & oil that built up during that glorious workout. Now for those of you who want a little product while “gyming” it up here are a few little tips. Throw on a little waterproof  mascara, lip balm & at max a tinted moisturizer. The mascara will lift the eye and since it is waterproof it won’t smudge with all that sweat, your lip balm will help to hydrate the lips throughout your workout & your tinted moisturizer will add a little color to the face. No need for blush, your cheeks will be pink soon enough! When you work out your body releases heat causing you to sweat, when you sweat, your pores are open & if you have on makeup guess where it’s going? You guessed it, right into those pores which will cause black heads, white heads & other unwanted acne issues. Are you still protesting against my “NO MAKEUP AT THE GYM” mantra? Well here is a solution for those of you who just can’t imagine going bare face. Be sure that immediately after your workout you head home & remove all of your makeup with a makeup remover wipe or Makeup Eraser (click the link to find out more). Don’t run any errands or make that long-awaited SB run just yet, go straight home & get it off (or take your skin care to the gym). This is super important because you don’t want your makeup settling deeper & deeper into your pores, the deeper it settles the harder to get out.  Once you have gotten everything off, go ahead & start your normal cleansing routine (cleanse, exfoliate, tone & moisturize), this will help to prevent  any yucky bacteria from forming which can be the cause those pesky blemishes. Well I hope this helped some of you…leave me a comment below & let me know what you think. Remember, “Beauty is Power; and a Smile is it’s Sword!” Love, Britt lipstick-kiss-mark

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