Use Different Brands

So even though I’m employed with MAC & I love MAC products I do like to use other brands! The other day I went on a beauty run to a local beauty supply store and picked up a few items from the brand NYX. I love NYX and think they make amazing makeup.
Remember you don’t always have to purchase expensive brands to get quality makeup…it’s all about how you make the products work for you. Good makeup artist use ALL different of brands, from Cover Girl to YSL!
Check out this pic of some of the items I got!



BBB’s Favorite Things of 2011

Here Are a Few of my Favorite Things!

BBB Beauties,

I have some very cool news….BBB has it’s very own YouTube Channel now!!! Yea!!!! I have been wanting to do this for SO long but for some reason I didn’t have the courage to do it! Earlier this week I spoke to a good friend of mine & she challenged me to start posting videos…and I got serious! With her encouragement here we are today. I finally stepped out on faith and did what I was supposed to do!

I hope that you all will continue to support me in this new journey & I hope that you all will stick this out with me. I have made the first step (the hardest one) & I can only go up from here! Thanks for ALL the love and I hope that you will subscribe to the YT Channel…I can’t do this without YOU!!!

I hope that everyone has Merry Christmas and I will talk to you all soon!




Pretty Blushed!

I would like to give a big round of applause to Pretty Blushed! She is the winner of the Re-Create It Contest and will receive a $100 giftcard to MAC Cosmetics or Sephora! Thanks again for entering Pretty Blushed  and CONGRATS in your big win!!

Make sure you check out Pretty Blushed on facebook & “LIKE” her page!

Tell her BBB sent you =)

Brushes to Have & to Hold

New to the makeup world? Well, if so this post is for you!

Makeup is a type of art form and your face is the canvas, and just like any other artist (painter I mean) you need brushes! Brushes help you to create your masterpiece. They allow you to have full control over the makeup and help to give that flawless & even look that we all want to achieve.

Now, there are MANY MANY types of brushes out there but I am going to give you my top 5 basic brushes that you will help you start your brush collection.

So let’s get started… (you don’t have to buy the exact brushes in the pictures )

1. Powder Brush

This is the MAC Large Powder Brush #150 3


2. Blush Brush

IB126 - Chisel Blush from the Italian Badger Collection


3. Eyeshadow Brush (small to medium in head size)

Sonia Kashuk Medium Eyeshadow Brush


4. Angled Eyebrow Brush to fill in those brows!

Classic Brow Brush #10

This is the Sephora Collection Angled Brow Brush


5. The Spoolie to tame those brows (this is a must have for me)!


This is the Sonia Kashuk Eyebrow Spoolie! You can find it at Target or online


Well guys I hope this has helped you. Now next time you won’t feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out what brushes to buy! 😉




The “Re-Create It” Contest!

Brittainy’s Beauty Bag will be giving away $100 in FREE money (I will pause while you catch your breath)!

The winner will be able to choose from either a $100 MAC Cosmetics gift card or a $100 Sephora gift card, two of my FAV stores! So here is what you have to do…




Contest Details :

The contest will begin Wednesday September 28th, 2011 and will end Wednesday October 12th, 2011 at 11:59pm CST. (your photo MUST be posted by that date & time or your entry will not be accepted)!

How Do you Enter?:

To enter, submit your photo, of your best attempt at Re-Creating the above look by visiting  Brittainy’s Beauty Bag on Facebook and uploading your photo to the fan page! You must also “LIKE” BBB in order to enter the contest. Be sure that when you enter you have some where in your photo the letters “BBB!” You can write it on a piece of paper & hold it up in the photo, on your hand, on your chest, on your neck etc etc…JUST MAKE SURE THE LETTERS “BBB” ARE IN THE PHOTO! *DO NOT PHOTOSHOP THE LETTERS ONTO THE PICTURE!”

More Details:

To be eligible to win, the colors used on the eyes MUST be black and yellow(just like the photo) BUT the cheek and lip color is totally up to you (& the hair will not be judged)!

How you win?:

Whoever re-creates this look the best will be the winner of the Re-Create It Contest & will be $100 richer so that you can expand your beauty collection!

And the winner is?:

A winner will be chosen and announced on Monday October 17th, 2011 and will be contacted via email & FB! Your contest entry photo will also be added to the BBB blog. Please allow 7 to 14 business days to receive your gift card.

I look forward to seeing all of your AMAZING looks and picking a winner!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!


Fans, I have got something exciting to share with you ALL!

Well… BBB was featured on one the World Wide Web’s biggest blogs for us ladies called All Women Stalk! HOW NEAT IS THAT?!

So here is how it happened…

Everyday (well maybe not every day) I take a journey through the web looking for new and exciting beauty blog sites. Months ago, I stumbled upon this website called All Women Stalk which is women’s blog that talks about ANY & EVERYTHING, I quickly became a huge fan. Immediately, I realized the had a beauty section & that is when I really fell in love! They had tons & tons of post about ALL THINGS BEAUTY! It was paradise, well as close as I could get to paradise while here at my desk!

I realized that I had to be apart of something so spectacular so I emailed the fine ladies over at All Women Stalk asked if I could be a Guest Blogger! Within a day or two I got an email reply from Diana saying  “YES, WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU AS A GUEST BLOGGER”

Diana was AMAZING! She was quick in all of her responses & within in 2 weeks (I think it was less than that actually) BBB was featured on their website as a guest blogger! How cool is that?!

I want to give a big HUG & HIGH-FIVE to all of the people over at All Women Stalk and a SPECIAL thanks to my girl Diana for being so sweet and allowing me to share my passion with others around the world.

Make sure all of you check out All Women Stalk and be sure to “like” them on Facebook! They would love to hear from you!