For All My Handsome Men!

I know alot of men hate using a moisturizer for many different reasons but the truth is you need it BUT here is a way you can do it without having to apply thick or heavy creams. Try using a moisturizing body soap/wash or a shower lotion. A shower lotion you apply to the entire body like a body wash & then rins…e off. It will leave your skin soft & moisturized without leaving an icky residue!


Male Tip!

Men how many of you shave at the sink? Well if you do I want you to try something different…shave in the shower! Make sure that you massage shaving creams or gels into the skin and shave in the direction of your hair growth (to prevent ingrown hairs). Make sure you wash your face after shaving and pat dry (don’t rub) then apply a moisturizer.