Tape up your Pucker

Now, there are many things that you can do to bring those dry, chapped lips back to life and here is one more method!

Take a piece of clear tape and press the sticky side against your lips to remove unwanted dead skin. This should help to get rid of those dry rough patcheS on your lips. If you want, you can follow-up with a good lip scrub for extra softness.

Now use a good moisturizing lip balm and PUCKER UP!

Smooches! XOXO

Not All Mascara is created =

Going to the store or to your favorite makeup counter and buying just any ole’ mascara isn’t necessarily the BEST IDEA! You want to make sure that you choose the BEST mascara for you…& here is how you do it!

First, do a quick evaluation of your lashes. Look to see if your lashes are short, barely there or naturally lengthy. Once you figure this out then it’s time to go mascara shopping.

If your lashes tend to be on the shorter side, then  look for a mascara that it going to add length (some of my favorites are  $=Falsies by Maybelline $6.99; $$=False Lashes by MAC $19.00; $$$=GivenchyPhenomen’ EyesEffect Extension $30.00 )

If your lashes are naturally longer then look for a mascara that is going to add volume. This will give you lashes a bold & vibrant look (some of my favorites are: $=Colossal Volum’ Express by Maybeline $5.99; $$$=Lancome Custom Volume Mascara $24.99)

If you wear mascara on a daily basis I would stay away from waterproof as much as possible. Waterproof is great for weddings, outdoor summer parties, humid enviornments etc. but it can be a real hassle to remove and if not removed correctly you can sometimes pull out you lashes. Try to only wear waterproof when needed otherwise stick to your regular non-waterproof mascara!

Happy Hunting!

FATE logo coming soon!

Hello Beautiful People!

Well I hope that in the very near future ( I mean by like Monday) I will be able to share with you all the logo for FATE Cosmetics. I mean this hasn’t been an easy process but I will say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Earlier this week I found a company online (after I had exhausted all efforts to find someone that I could physically interact with while trying create this thing) called LogoDesignTeam.com

After spending like 2 hours on their site, making sure they weren’t some uknown company, I decided to go with them. I paid my money and literally the next day I had 4 logos to choose from…it was great! The quality of work was professional and the resposne time was AMAZING! 

I am now in the revision process and once they send those back to me then I will be able to choose which logo I want to go with (keep your fingers crossed that I won’t have to go through a 2nd revision process)! When theat is complete I will then unveil my big beautiful FATE Cosmetics logo with all of you!

I hope you all will like it (I hope I like it) : /

It Was Fate…

Hello my beautiful beauties!

I have been gone WAY to long, but no worries because I am back and I’m not leaving again anytime soon. The end of April was a really complicated time for me and I made the decision to get away for a little bit and clear my head. I also took some time off from BBB so that I could re-gain some of my creativity. I was beginning to feel as those things were becoming a little mundane and I needed to figure out a way to bring new life to Brittainy’s Beauty Bag, so that’s what I have been doing these last 4 months.

Over the past several months I thought long and hard about what extra pazazz I could bring to Brittainy’s Beauty Bag. MANY MANY thoughts crossed my mind until one day a light bulb went off and I said “that’s it” (I literally said “that’s it” out loud, I was glad I was in the shower and that no one was around me)! I decided at that very moment (while standing in the shower with a head full of suds) that I would start my very own cosmetic line and the first thing I would create would be eyeshadow’s! BRILLIANT I must say! LOL 

My next step was to find a name for this emphasis cosmetic line (now THAT people was a challenge..geesh)! I went through every name I could possibly think of (and let me tell you, most of them retched)! Once I realized that I just needed to stop thinking about & that it would come to me one day just out of the blue, when I least expected it, that’s when it happened!

So, one day I was riding with my mother, talking her ear off about this BRILLIANT idea that I had to start my own cosmetic line, when I had the notion to ask her opinion about what I should call this company and before I could even finish the sentence she said “FATE…FATE Cosmetics!” Now, I am going to be honest, I wasn’t terribly thrilled when she blurted out this random name but I went with. Once I got home that evening I looked up the definition of Fate ( now people  don’t act like that, I knew what fate meant but I wanted the Websters definition) and when I read it, I fell in love instantly, it gave me chills.

Everything that I had been through, up until the point of when I had my BRILLIANT idea, was all wrapped up into two short sentences in this big book filled with thousands of words…I couldn’t help but think that it was nothing short of a miracle.

So, with that being said I would like for all of you to know that coming this Fall Brittainy’s Beauty Bag will launch it’s very own cosmetics line called FATE Cosmetics!!!  Wooo Hooo!! I am SO very excited to share this news with all of you and I hope that you will continue to support BBB!

I will be sure to keep you all updated on the progress of FATE Cosmetics and be on the look out for some other GREAT changes within BBB! Thank you for all the love and support and remember…”It Was Fate” that brought us together!