Why Didn’t I Think of This?!


I found two great products that I can’t wait to try & I wanted to share them with all of you (I have ordered both of them already)! One is Liquid Palisade &  the other is Glam Ear!

Liquid Palisade <—- (click here to visit the official site )is a product that allows you to get that perfect salon manicure at home! Instead of me telling you about it visit the website and watch the video posted below! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

The other item I purchased is Glam Ear! Save your ears from those curling iron & flat iron burns with Glam Ear. Can’t wait to try these…I hope it’s worth it.

Once I get both products in I will definitely do a review but I just had to share both of them with you now!

Simple & Soft!


Here is a look that I just played around with the other day! It is very simple & I think anyone could do it. If you would like to add a little more drama then go ahead and darken the crease smudge the liner underneath a little more & you could throw on some lashes! Below, is the list of everything that I used to create the look. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at brittsbeautybag@gmail.com

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Here is what I used to achieve this look:

1.  Primer: Urban Decay’s Primer Potion of the lid

2. Under Eye Concealer: MAC’s Studio Finish NW35

3.  Base for Pigment: NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Chaos #724 (I know this is a lip pencil but I need a cream base for the pigment to stick to & this matched the color perfectly)

4.  Lid Color: Loreal Hip High  Intensity Pigment in Fiery #124 (I used a damp small eyeshadow brush for the pigment, using  a damp brush will intensify color)

5.  1st Crease Color: MAC Eyeshdow in Hepcat (I used this in the crease but took it all the way to the inner corner of the eye also, smudge on the lower lash line underneath the black liner )

6.  2nd Crease Color: MAC Eyeshadow in Brown Down (I used this in the crease but did not take it all the way across)

7.  Highlight (underneath brow): NYX Tri-Color Pallet TS03 in Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown (I used the nude color for the highlight)

8.  Top Lid Liner: Avon’s Eyewriter Liquid Liner

9.  Lower Liner: Nika K “NK” Cosmestics A01 Black Pencil Liner

10. Mascara: Tarte

11.  Brow Fill: Bare Essentials Eyeshadow in Smoky Quartz

12. Brow Gel: Palladio Brow Gel



2011 Holiday OPI Collection!

BBB Fans,

I am a little late with this post but oh well…

OPI is releasing it’s 2011 Holiday polish collection inspired by Disney’s The Muppets! It will launch in November, just in time for the Holiday season 😉

These will be a limited edition so make sure you snatch up your FAV color when you get the chance…I would hate for you to miss out on some of these AMAZING colors they have to offer!

I think I am going to be in LOVE with Designer, de Better & Pepe’s Purple Passion!

Which one will you choose?! 🙂





Fans, I have got something exciting to share with you ALL!

Well… BBB was featured on one the World Wide Web’s biggest blogs for us ladies called All Women Stalk! HOW NEAT IS THAT?!

So here is how it happened…

Everyday (well maybe not every day) I take a journey through the web looking for new and exciting beauty blog sites. Months ago, I stumbled upon this website called All Women Stalk which is women’s blog that talks about ANY & EVERYTHING, I quickly became a huge fan. Immediately, I realized the had a beauty section & that is when I really fell in love! They had tons & tons of post about ALL THINGS BEAUTY! It was paradise, well as close as I could get to paradise while here at my desk!

I realized that I had to be apart of something so spectacular so I emailed the fine ladies over at All Women Stalk asked if I could be a Guest Blogger! Within a day or two I got an email reply from Diana saying  “YES, WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU AS A GUEST BLOGGER”

Diana was AMAZING! She was quick in all of her responses & within in 2 weeks (I think it was less than that actually) BBB was featured on their website as a guest blogger! How cool is that?!

I want to give a big HUG & HIGH-FIVE to all of the people over at All Women Stalk and a SPECIAL thanks to my girl Diana for being so sweet and allowing me to share my passion with others around the world.

Make sure all of you check out All Women Stalk and be sure to “like” them on Facebook! They would love to hear from you!

Winged Liner

I don’t know how many of you actually wear winged liner but I thought I would do a post because if done correctly, it can look amazing! If you haven’t tried it at least once, then now is the time!

You will need and eyeliner brush (I think that an angled eyeliner brush is best) and a gel or cream eyeliner (I feel gel and cream are a little easier to work with).


Apply your eyeliner on your upper lid. I would suggest that the liner start thinner on and gradually get thicker as you reach the outside corner of the eye.


With the tip of your eyeliner brush, figure out how long you want your wing to be and follow the natural slant of your lower lash line (I think a smaller wing is a little more flattering but it is totally up to you). Your lower lash line and wing should connect in a straight line  *If you are having a hard time drawing a straight line take a piece of tape and on the corner of your eye*



Now from the top corner of your wing, draw a straight line connecting to the line you drew on your lid in STEP 1


At this point you should see the actual wing, you now want to fill everything in with your eyeliner so that your look is complete.

FATE Shadows are FINALLY Here!

BBB Beauties,

They are finally here…the FATE Cosmetics eyeshadows! I am very excited about them and I hope you are too! There are six different colors that are all beautiful. That are highly pigmented and glide across your eyelid.

The shadows will be up for sale beginning September 12th and will retail for $10.00 per shadow. I hope that you all will like what you see and I look forward to fulfilling your order!

FATE Cosmetics!



Lil' Dude