Be Slim in the Face!

Contouring is one of the easiest ways to give your face a slimmer look in minutes! Since contouring can be a little “INVOLVED” & hard to understand if you can’t actually see it being done, I have attached a video of one of my favorite makeup artist on the internet, Petrilude, giving a contouring lesson!
NOTE: *Make sure you visit a cosmetic counter so that you can get the right contouring and highlighting shade for your complexion. EVERYONE is different!*


The Truth About Falsies!

Now I personally am not a falsie girl but I know many of you are so if I am talking to you, keep reading for some quick tips on how to apply you own false lashes!  

‎1. ONLY use lash glue when applying lashes (not hair glue, nail glue etc…DUO is my fav brand)!
2. Measure false lashes against your lash line & cut off the excess. You don’t want your lashes to hang over the side of your eye.
3. Holding the false lash between your thumb and index finger (or with tweezers) apply a THIN layer of glue to the brim of the lash. Make sure you don’t glob the glue onto the lash. You want a thin layer but enough to hold the lash in place.
4. Be sure to fan the lash back and forth a little so the glue can dry just a tad
5. Tilt your head back a little, this makes it easier to see where you are placing the lash, and apply lash right where your lashes connect with your eyelid (your lashline).
6.Once the lash is in the right spot, hold in place for a sec and then begin to gently press the lash into place. Once the lash is in position & you feel that it is secure blink a few times to test. Your lash should stay in place
7. Now your lashes are complete. Finish it off with your favorite eyeshadow and liner to help make the lashes look a little more natural! You can even throw on a coat or two of mascara but be careful not to tug to hard!

STOP…recycle you wipes!

 After you have used your makeup wipes rinse them out until most of the makeup is gone& gently wring it out. Now take the wipe & fold 3 to 4 times (longways)& place in freezer overnight. In the morning take the wipe out & use as a cold compress to reduce bags & dark circles under your eyes. Doing this can cut down on unwanted bags & dark circles. (You can do this at night too)!  🙂

For All My Handsome Men!

I know alot of men hate using a moisturizer for many different reasons but the truth is you need it BUT here is a way you can do it without having to apply thick or heavy creams. Try using a moisturizing body soap/wash or a shower lotion. A shower lotion you apply to the entire body like a body wash & then rins…e off. It will leave your skin soft & moisturized without leaving an icky residue!

Wobble Wobble…Shake It Shake It

Next time you are applying your mascara remember to give it a little wiggle in a zig zag motion. This helps to separate lashes. Also, if you close one eye and place the mascara wand on top of the lashes at the base & pull through, this will help to remove clumps! Remember to always apply from the base of the lash to the tip, it creates length!

Repair With A Tea Bag!

 My nails tend to tear quite a bit…they are just weak, but with this tip I don’t have to panic if they do.
Cut a tiny piece of paper from a tea bag (enough to cover the tear) & apply a dab of nail glue to the paper & press on top of the tear. Allow glue to dry and then file the paper until it is smooth. Lastly, apply a base coat, nail polish & top coat!