Contouring & Highlighting at a Glance

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Contouring & Highlighting can be tricky at times, but in this blog post, I have given you a quick guide on what areas of the face to contour & what areas to highlight. As you can see from the picture, the center of the face is where you want to concentrate your highlight & the perimeter of the face is where you want to do the majority of your contouring!

Model: Mariama Diallo

Makeup by Me Brittainy Hall


Natural Glowing Skin

This is what I am currently using when I want a natural glow. In this order…

1. MAC’s Strobe Lotion
2. MAC’s Lustre Drops
3. Benefits Hello Flawless Foundation in Hazelnut

After moisturizing I apply Strobe Lotion to most of my face focusing the majority of the product on my cheek bones.

Next I will go in with Lustre Drops and with my fingers add to the top of my cheek bones only.

Since I’m not a huge fan of liquid or cream foundations I tend to use them only in my problem areas (chin, around my mouth & on my cheeks) and blend down into my neck & behind my ears.

Once I have completed that, I go in with my concealer for under my eyes & lightly finish off with MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish in Medium Deep. I use a small amount of powder so I can avoid a powdery finish. Remember, we want dewy natural looking skin.

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6 Tips for Flawless Foundation


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When your foundation is the wrong color or is applied incorrectly, there is no hiding it. In many different research studies it is said that 6 out of 10 women are applying their foundation incorrectly which can be just as bad as wearing the wrong shade. By following these 6 simple tips you will be applying your foundation like a pro in no time!

1. Use a Brush

Try using a dome shaped fluffy brush in light circular motions when applying your foundation ($35 MAC #109 Brush). Applying with this technique allows you to use less product but will also help to build coverage. Remember, it is always easiest to build product than to take off the excess.

2. Color Corrector’s (if needed)

If you have a deeper skin tone (tan to deep dark), you might often have some discoloration or pigmentation issues. If that is you, try using a color corrector that is orange in color. An orange based color corrector will help to cancel out dark purple/bluish undertones around the under eye & mouth area. ($6 NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Orange)

3. Prevent Creasing (as much as you can)

The bad news is that there really isn’t a way to stop products from creasing. However, the good news is that there are ways to help minimize creasing. First, be sure that if you have applied any  primer or creams to the areas that have fine lines (under the eye or around the mouth), that you blot away the excess product. The more emollient the skin, the more likely the product will crease. For lines around the mouth, go in with a small fluffy brush & remove any product buildup by buffing gently.

4. Mix & Match Formulas

Instead of loading the face with powder to get your foundation to stay put, try using a matte foundation ($36 Makeup Forever Mat Velvet +)  in the areas that tend to be oilier (typically the T-Zone) and using a dewier foundation around the perimeter of the face. Blend the matte foundation outwards to meet the dewier formula and gently marry the two together.

5. Use Highlighter before Foundation

Trying putting on your highlighter before you put on your foundation. This will give you a natural looking glow. With a matte full coverage foundation, throughout the day it can tend to look a little dull. Placing your highlighter underneath your foundation will help to give the skin a glow that looks as if it is coming from within.

6. Apply Foundation EVERYWHERE

Time & time again we have heard to blend your foundation below the jawline & into the neck but, there some other places that need some attention as well. Don’t forget to blend down onto the chest area if your chest is showing & if your chest is a different color than your face. Also, be sure to blend your foundation onto the ears and behind the ears as well. Sometimes on lighter skin complexions, ears can tend to be red so make sure to add a little foundation to your lobes & wherever else you see redness.


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